5 Ways To Give Your Apartment A Smart Device Upgrade

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Smart Device Upgrade Apartments For Rent Coral Gables, FL5 Ways To Give Your Apartment A Smart Device Upgrade

Refrigerators that alert you when you’re out of milk. Lights that turn themselves off when you leave the room. And doors that unlock themselves when you come home with an armload of groceries.


It’s a brave new world of smart technology. And just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can take advantage of some of these great gadgets.


With most of these being plug and play – that is you don’t have to do any installation or change your existing fixtures, renters can upgrade everything from lighting to home security.


As an added bonus, many properties are starting to offer smart home technology as standard options or add-ons to their amenities packages.


But if you want to smarten up your home yourself, here are five ways that won’t cost you your deposit or break your lease agreement.


  1. Buy A Smart Speaker or Control Hub


Chances are you already have an Amazon Echo or Google Nest device you’re already asking Alexa or Siri to give you the weather, pump out your favorite playlist or turn off your smart TV.


If you don’t have one yet – this is the place to start. In addition to adding a slew of compatible devices controllable by these devices, both companies are forming partnerships with makers of everything from lighting and gaming to microwaves and irons.


If you want to upgrade to a screen with further options like surfing the internet you can go with an Amazon Echo Show or Google Nest Hub.


For you Apple fans out there, you can get the HomeKit. Even Samsung has a smart hub option with SmartThings.


There’s no installation necessary and setup is as easy as downloading a phone app and turning the smart speaker ir hub on then following the instructions.


  1. Plug In Smart Plugs


Control all your dumb devices from lamps to the curling iron with a WeMo Switch. It plugs into existing sockets and is wifi capable, which allows it to turn anything plugged into it off and on via an app you can download to your phone. You don’t even need a smart assistant to do it.


There’s lots of possibilities here: turn off the iron you left on, turn on a lamp while you’re away to make burglars think you’re home or set a timer.


For the top smart plugs of 2020, you can click here for more options.


  1. Upgrade Your Lighting


You’ve got lots of options to smarten up your lighting with wifi-connected bulbs, lamps, light strips and more. Set timers, turn them off with your voice, change the color or sync them with your TV for an upgraded movie night.


Philips got on board early with its Hue System, offering a complete range of products. There are plenty of other options to choose from, including these:



  1. Install A Smart Lock


Never have to fumble for your keys in the dark or let a friend to check on your pet in while you’re on vacation with the installation of a smart lock. The August smart lock can easily be installed just by switching it out with your current deadbolt. Then it’s controllable via a phone app.


Now this is a change you’re going to want to OK with apartment management as you will be changing hardware on your front door and they’ll need access for maintenance.


  1. Add A Layer Of Security


With plug-and-play security systems, cameras, smoke detectors and alarms, there’s no reason why you can’t have an extra layer of protection in your apartment.


How much you want is up to you. Just want to add a couple of cameras – even if it’s to see what your pup is up to while you’re at work? Or do you want to set up an entire system to monitor for window breaks and door entries with real-time monitoring?


There’s options for every level of security. Here’s some options:



See some other top rated options with live monitoring here and all-in-one systems here.


So even if you’re a renter, it’s time to step into the 21st Century and upgrade your abode with a bit of smart technology.


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